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1. School Administration

1.A   Foundations

1.A.20     Class Size

1.A.20A: Class Size Form

1.A.30     Code of Conduct

1.A.40     Concerns and Complaints

1.A.45     Copyright Fair Dealing

1.A.50     Extreme Behaviours - Prevention and Response

1.A.50A: Documenting Behavior: Sample

1.A.60     Flag Displays

1.A.80     Human and Gender Diversity

1.A.100    Patriotic Observances

1.A.101    ICT: Cell Phone Use

1.A.102    ICT: Cyberbullying

1.A.103    ICT: General Use

1.A.104    ICT: School Websites

1.A.105    ICT: Social Media

1.A.110    Professional Staff Meetings

1.A.120    Religious Accommodations

1.A.121    Religious Exercises

1.A.122    Religious Instruction

1.A.127    Responding to a Subpoena

1.A.130    Right to Attend School

1.A.140    Schools of Choice

1.A.140A: School of Choice - Within Division

1.A.140B: School of Choice - Out of Division

1.A.150    Schools of Choice: Admissions Guidelines  

1.A.155    Sports Code For Fair Play

1.A.160    Student Records Management

1.A.160A: Cumulative File Insert

1.A.160B: Consent to Disclose Personal Information to Parents/Guardians of Students Over 18 

1.A.160C: Release of  Information

1.A.170      Volunteers

1.A.170A: Volunteer Agreement

1.A.170B: Volunteer  Information

1.B.  Students  

 1.B.10    Adult Students

 1.B.20    Alcohol/Cannabis/Other Drugs

 1.B.30    Anaphylaxis / Allergies

1.B.30A: Life Threatening Allergies Sample Letter

1.B.35     Animals in Schools 

1.B.35A: Animal Visit Request

1.B.35B:  Classroom Pet Request

1.B.35C:  Classroom Pet Parent Note

1.B.40    Attendance

1.B.50    Bus Ridership

1.B.50A: Bus Misconduct Report

1.B.55    Certified  Service Animals

1.B.55A: Certified  Service Animal Request

1.B.60    Communicable Diseases

1.B.65    Consent to Disclose Personal Information 

1.B.65A: Media Consent Form

1.B.70    Custody and Access

1.B.92    Evergreen School Division Awards

1.B.95    Evergreen School Division Student Voice

1.B.100   HIV Infections 

1.B.110   Insurance Plan 

1.B.125   Leaving School Premises

1.B.130   Lice 

1.B.130A: Lice Sample Letter

1.B.130B: Facts of Lice

1.B.130C: Lice in the Class Sample Letter

1.B.140   Medication 

1.B.140A: Request for Medication Administration

1.B.140B:  Medication Administration Record

1.B.150   Police Interviews 

1.B.152   Registration of Children and Youth in Care

1.B.155   School Food and Nutrition

1.B.157   Smudging - Under review

1.B.160   Student Awards

1.B.170   School Fees - Costs to Parents and Guardians

1.B.175   Student Gambling 

1.B.180   Student Government

1.B.190   Student Organizations

1.B.197     High School Graduation Exercises

1.B.200   Transitions

1.B.210   Truancy

1.B.210A: Truancy Sample Letter

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